All witches are sensitive to the supernatural, Magical activity, and other psychic phenomena. Insight allows the witch to go even further and understand another being’s true nature — even uncover its deepest secrets.

Perceive True Nature

This effect allows the witch to see a person’s true self.

  • Humans subjected to this ability resist with their Intelligence + Willpower.
  • If the Invocation works, the Magician gains a degree of understanding about the person’s wants, fears and flaws. Basically, the witch knows all of the character’s mental Qualities and Drawbacks, as well as his main goals and fears.
  • On supernatural creatures, this effect (also resisted by the creature’s Intelligence + Willpower) reveals the being’s species in addition to his goals and personality.
  • This effect costs 6 Essence Points.

An Essence Shield (see Shielding Invocation) blocks this power. The Insight will show the presence and strength of the Shield, but nothing else. This power comes as an instant flash of knowledge, and must be cast on each person one wishes to “scan.”

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