Increased Essence Pool

Cost: 1/5-point Supernatural Quality (1/2 point after character creation)
Note: Witches Only (Without Special Permission)

While all human beings have Essence, the magical community generally have a greater amount. Their connection to the earth has strengthened their souls, making them living beacons of energy. Having a large Essence Pool is both a blessing and a curse. While Essence can be used to affect the world in many ways, it can also attract the attention of more malicious beings.

Notes of Use

  • Spending 1 point during character creation adds 5 points to the character’s Essence Pool. This can be done multiple times.
  • After character creation, every 2 Essence Points costs 1 experience point. This makes it more cost effective to build up Essence when creating the character, representing the relatively slow improvement of ones magical powers during the course of their lives.
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