Cost: 1- to 3-point Mental Drawback

The Honorable character follows a code of honor, and will not break it lightly, if at all. The more restrictive and rigid the code is, the higher its value. The character with the code of honor should almost never break its rules, no matter what the cause. In a life-or-death situation where honor must be ignored, the character might do so, but even then a Difficult Willpower Test is necessary to pass the psychological barriers reinforcing the code of honor.

Players whose characters ignore honor for the sake of convenience WILL be penalized for poor roleplaying.

The levels of the Honorable Drawback are discussed below.

  • Level 1: These characters do not lie or betray friends or loved ones, or people they respect. Anybody else, especially people from groups they dislike or are prejudiced against, are fair game.
    • This is a 1-point Drawback.
  • Level 2: This code of honor is more complex, and applies to everyone, friend or foe. The character always keeps her word and does her best to fulfill any promises she makes. She does not betray the trust of others once she has accepted it. Note that the character may be reluctant to give her word except in a good cause, because once it has been given she abides by it.
    • This is a 2-point Drawback.
  • Level 3: This person lives by a strict set of rules that control most of her actions towards others. In addition to all the other restrictions above, she refuses to participate in acts of betrayal such as ambushes, striking a helpless or unsuspecting foe, or cheating in any way. Lying is anathema, and she only lies in cases of extreme need. Even then, she feels guilty and does not do a very good job at deceiving; any tasks requiring lying have a -2 to -6 penalty, determined by the staff or storyteller given the circumstances.
    • This is a 3-point Drawback and is NOT suggested for characters.
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