Magicians with this Invocation can hide their
presence or that of other people or objects (the target),
effectively rendering them invisible. The
Hideaway Invocation works on many different levels. Some of the Essence used twists light in such a way as to obscure the target’s presence. Even cameras and infrared sensors only register a faint glimmer where the target is located. Spotting the glimmer requires a Difficult Perception Test; characters with occult experience (in the GM’s discretion) can use a Notice and Perception Task instead. More importantly, the Invocation works on the minds of anybody in sight of the target. People are subtly manipulated not to look in the target’s direction and to unconsciously avoid the spot where the caster stands. Crowds will part seemingly naturally as a target person or being moves through them, unnoticed and unmolested. Objects and areas protected in this manner similarly avoid the interest of those who pass near them. Note that this Invocation is considered to “target” a crowd when used in populous public places, and the Crowd Effect rules may require additional Essence to be expended.

If the Invocation is cast while the target is in plain sight of others, there is a chance that some people will be unaffected. A Willpower and Invocation Task by the Magician is resisted by a Perception and Notice Task or a Difficult Perception Test on the part of those that are looking at the target of the Invocation. Gifted characters get a +2 bonus to resist; Supernatural beings who can see through illusions gain a +3 bonus. Anyone who successfully resists sees the target’s shape become blurry and semi-transparent, but the target remains visible, especially in good light (shadows and darkness may allow the semi-invisible character or object to hide from even those who resisted the magic).

Attacking or otherwise attracting the attention of people reduces the effectiveness of the Invocation. The mental component of the Hideaway dissipates, and people may be able to spot the Magician’s or target’s glimmering outline. In that case, a successful Perception and Notice Task with a -1 modifier will be enough to locate the outline of the character. Even so, attacking the invisible character is a difficult undertaking — hand-to-hand attacks are at a -1 penalty, ranged attacks are at -4.

Places can also be made invisible with Hideaway. The effect basically hides the location from anyone who might be searching for it; only the caster can find it without problems. The Invocation can only be cast on places that do not get a lot of traffic. If enough people are passing by the area, someone will eventually stumble onto the hidden location, dispelling the illusion. Once the Hideaway is in place, Mundanes do not get a chance to see the hidden place; it is as if it wasn’t there. The Gifted may sense the magic on a Difficult Perception Test with a -3 penalty; Ghosts and other Supernatural beings who can see Essence constructs can locate the place on a Difficult Perception Test with no modifiers. In either case, no one can see the location unless they spend a great deal of time and effort searching for it (half an hour or more, at the Chronicler’s discretion).

Invisibility Effect

The Magician can make herself and others invisible, as described above. The Essence cost varies with the size of the target. A man-sized or smaller target costs 6 Essence points per ten-minute period of invisibility. The sorcerer may spend additional Essence to increase this duration during the initial Invocation, gaining ten more minutes per 6 Essence points spent. Otherwise, she may recast the Invocation before its duration is over, but this requires a new Focus Task (and if that fails, a Dismissal Task). Larger objects (up to the size of a car) cost 8 Essence points per 10 minutes. Anything larger (a bus, an airplane) cost 24 Essence points per 10 minutes.

Hideaway Effect

A location can be made invisible. People passing by cannot “see” the hidden place and anyone within it. It is as if the location blends perfectly into the surrounding landscape. An entire house could be hidden in this way. To outsiders, the place may look like a vacant lot, a lot that their eyes slide over and then forget without much thought. The cost of this Invocation depends on the size of the place and the length of time that the Magician wishes to hide it. Since the location never moves, it costs less Essence to hide it than to make a person or moving object invisible. The base cost is 1 Essence point per meter (yard) of radius. This lasts for 1 hour; the same base cost must be paid per additional hour.

Constant Hideaway Effect

This effect hides a place for a long period of time. It requires multiple castings, each imbuing the area with 20 Essence points. These castings must all succeed; on a failure, the Magician must start over. At the end of six such rituals, a total of 120 Essence are invested into the place. Such investment hides the location for one month per Success Level of the Invocation Task (use the Success Level of the best roll or draw). If 240 Essence points (or 12 castings) are spent, the location will be hidden for one year per Success Level in the Invocation Task (use the Success Level of the best roll or draw). If the illusion is broken (see above), the Hideaway reasserts itself in 1D4(2) hours. Those who saw the location while it was visible know that something is going on, however, and have a much greater chance of breaking the illusion again (+4 to all Resisted Tests or Tasks to see through the illusion).

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