Greater Healing

Prerequisites: Lesser Healing
This more advanced healing Invocation can be used to cure crippling wounds, terminal diseases, and mortal injuries. The Magician re-weaves a person’s Essence entirely, and can restore lost limbs, although at great energy cost. It is even possible to resuscitate the recently dead with this Invocation.

Cure Disease Effect

20 Essence Points must be spent in three separate castings (using Willpower and Greater Healing) conducted over a period of no more than two weeks. If any of the three Invocations fails, the Magician must start over. At the end of the process, the patient must succeed at a Difficult Constitution Task. Add a bonus of +1 for each Success Level accumulated during the three Invocations. If the roll is successful, the patient is healed. For example, Roger is dying of cancer. His friend Louis performs the three ceremonies, accumulating one, two and one levels of success respectively, for a total bonus of +4. Roger has a Constitution of 2. With the Success Levels bonus, he gets to add 6 to his recovery roll. Roger rolls a 5, for a total of 11 — Roger recovers. The cancer goes into an unexplained remission, and a couple of weeks later he can leave the hospital!
Restore Limb Effect

A missing limb or organ (like an eye, for example) can be restored. This effect requires the expenditure of Essence equal to the character’s base Life Points, plus 10. The regrowth process is very painful and exhausting. The patient may need to be held down (a Difficult Willpower Test allows the subject to bear the pain without resisting). She loses 1D10 x 4(20) Endurance points and 1D6 x 4(12) Essence points as her body’s energy reserves are channeled into regrowing the missing limb or body part. If either the patient’s Essence or Endurance Pools are reduced below 0 as a result, both of those Secondary Attributes will be permanently reduced by one level.

Resuscitate Effect

A character whose heart has stopped can be resuscitated if attended to quickly enough. Resuscitation can be attempted up to one hour per Constitution point of the victim after the victim’s heart has stopped. Enough Essence must be spent to heal all the wounds or damage suffered (as per the Lesser Healing Invocation) plus an additional 15 Essence points. If the Invocation is successful, the subject needs to pass a Survival Test, with a +1 bonus for every Success Level on the Invocation Task. If the Test is passed, the subject is revived; otherwise, the victim remains dead, and no further attempts to resuscitate will work.

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