This is the power to see into other places and to search areas by projecting a fraction of one’s Essence beyond one’s body. The principles of magic involved in Farsight are similar to those of Soul Projection, but are more limited and do not require the Witch to relinquish control of his body.


This ability allows the Witch to look into a distant area. 5 Essence Points allow him to look into any area within range, but he must be aware of the general location of the area. The Witch decides the viewpoint of the vision, limited by the range (for example, the witch can select a bird’s eye view, to look in a specific direction, and so on), but the viewpoint cannot be changed, unless the Invocation is recast. The base range is 100 yards (meters) for each point of the character’s Perception Attribute. This can be raised to 1 mile (1.5 kilometers) times the Perception Attribute for another 5 Essence, and an additional 1 mile per Essence Point spent thereafter. The vision lasts for up to 2 rounds.

Search Person

Using Perception instead of Willpower, this effect searches for a person in the area covered by the Invocation. The Witch must know the target personally. The more powerful the person being searched for is, the easier it is, as his Essence acts like a beacon for those with the right senses. This effect costs 10 points to search for a human, 5 points for a psyhic, 5 points for a witch with less than 30 Essence, and 2 points for a witch with more than 30 Essence Points.

The base area has a radius of 1 mile (1.5 kilometers) per level of Perception. Each additional 1 mile (1.5 kilometers) costs 1 extra Essence Point.

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