Endurance Points measure the character’s ability to withstand fatigue and exertion before collapsing. Like Life Points, Endurance Points use Constitution and Strength, but they also use Willpower, taking into account that some people can push themselves past normal physical limits through the sheer force of will.

The more Endurance Points a character has, the longer she can run, lift things, swim, etc. As the character exerts herself, she starts losing Endurance Points. When Endurance Points are reduced to 0, the character sooner or later passes out from exhaustion. Additionally, in some cases light damage from non-lethal attacks is subtracted from Endurance Points instead of Life Points.

Formula: Add Constitution, Strength and Willpower together, multiply by three, and add 5 to the result. The formula is best written as ((Constitution + Strength + Willpower) x 3) + 5. The human range is 14 to 59.

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