Elemental Water

This Invocation allows the witch to control water in all its forms, be it liquid, gaseous or frozen. It is often used to increase the chance of rain, although careless use of this powerful effect will produce droughts in other areas.

Water Flow

A Witch may slow or speed up the flow of water. By spending 2 Essence Points per 1 gallon (5 liters) per minute, the character can halve or double the speed of water. This can cause pipes to burst.

Create Fog

One Essence Point per cubic yard (meter) creates a thin mist that imposes a -1 penalty on Perception based Tests or Tasks. Tripling that cost gives rise to a thick fog that blocks visibility to a couple of yards (meters) and makes most vision Perception Tests or Tasks nearly impossible. The fog forms during the time it takes to cast the Invocation; with sufficient Essence Channeling, it happens in one Turn. The duration of the effect depends on local weather conditions (according to the weather code or scene set, but obviously no weather conditions exist inside most structures).

Create Ice

A witch can create 1 pound (half a kilogram) of ice for every Essence Point spent. If water is available, 2 pounds (1 kilogram) of ice are created per Essence Point spent. The ice can cause the ground to become slippery, seal doors by freezing them over, or anything the player’s imagination can devise (except materializing inside a living being and similar abominations). Once created, the ice melts (or remain) depending on the ambient temperature; creating a lot of ice in an enclosed and well-insulated space effectively creates a refrigerator, for a while at least.

Cause Rain

This effect causes rainfall over a small area.

  • It costs 5 Essence Points for 1 minute of light rain over a radius of 3 yards (meters) for every level of Willpower and Intelligence combined.
    • Increase the Essence Point cost by one for each additional 3 yards (meters) of radius.
    • Add 4 Essence for hard rain or sleet
    • 6 Essence for light hail
    • 10 Essence for heavy hail (enough to inflict D4(2) points of damage on unprotected humans every minute or so).

If the day is sunny, double all costs. During a dry spell, in a desert, or similar area where rain is unlikely, triple all the costs.

Destroy Water

Eliminating 1 gallon (5 liters) of water in its natural state costs 2 Essence. Using this effect on a corporeal being inflicts D4(2) points of damage for every 2 Essence Points spent. The target must be in sight of the character, and he resists the Focus Task with a Willpower and Constitution Test. Armor does not protect against this attack.

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