Elemental Fire

This powerful Invocation gives the Witch control over combustion and fire. Many Witches favor Elemental Fire, for it is a powerful and lethal weapon. As a weapon, however, it is assuredly a two-edged sword, for it will just as happily consume the caster and his friends as it will his enemies. Failure to Dismiss a Fire Invocation almost always ends up with the caster feeling the agonies he inflicted on others. Many witches who dabble with fire have nasty scars on their hands, bodies, and (sometimes) faces as a result. Even having an affinity to this element does not make one fire resistant.


With this effect, a Witch can produce a weak light, or cause existing light to flicker. This costs 1 Essence Point per Turn.

Fire Protection

A Witch may reduce the impact of fire, heat and flames on a subject. This can be a man-sized person or object, or smaller. Larger objects require double, triple or even more Essence, based on their size. Basically, anything larger than a person but smaller than a car would require double the Essence, and something larger triple the Essence. Anything larger than a small aircraft or a truck requires ten times the Essence! Reduce the damage imposed by one Multiplier level per Essence Point spent, for 1 Turn.


This effect produces strong light, causes flammable objects to ignite, or creates a brief flame (equivalent to a cigarette lighter’s flash). It costs 3 Essence Points per Turn.

Extinguish Flame

A flame, fire or heat source may be extinguished for a cost of 3 Essence per 1-yard (meter) radius, plus 1 Essence per additional yard (meter) radius.

Striking Flames

The Witch can summon flames to strike down his foes. The flames can be manifested either as a jet or blast of flame originating from the Witches hands, or as a rolling wave of fire starting at the Witches feet, which is more expensive to maintain but difficult to avoid. This is a very destructive Invocation — the flames readily ignite flammable substances and may spark deadly conflagrations.

It costs 1 Essence Point to create a jet or bolt of flame, inflicting D6 x 2(6) points of damage with a range of 10 yards (meters) per Willpower level of the caster. Additional Essence Points may be spent to increase the Damage Multiplier by 1 per point, or the range by 10 yards (meters) per point. For example, a jet of flame inflicting D6 x 10(15) points of damage would cost 9 Essence Points (1 for the base, an additional 8 for the higher damage). A jet of flame can be Dodged. A wave of flame is 1 yard (meter) wide for every 4 additional Essence Points spent on it. Dodging a wave of flame incurs a penalty equal to the width of the wave in yards (meters).

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