Elemental Earth

This Invocation gives the Witch total control over earth. Given enough Essence, a Witch can cause avalanches and earthquakes.

Shift Earth

The sorcerer can move earth (including such materials as soil, gravel, sand and similar relatively loose and powdery minerals). This can range from digging small holes to causing avalanches and even engulfing man-sized and larger targets under a wave of earth. This effect costs 3 Essence per cubic foot (0.03 cubic meters) of earth moved; this cost must be paid every Turn the earth is moving. The controlled matter can be moved at a speed of 10 mph (15 kph) or some 25 yards (meters) per Turn. This speed can be increased by spending more Essence: 1 Essence per additional mile per hour (1.5 kph) or 2.5 yards (meters) per Turn. Once the Witch releases his control over the earth, it collapses normally. This power enables the Witch to dig holes (a large enough hole, if opened in one Turn, could cause running or walking people to fall in), pile earth onto a target, and even launch earth waves that hit targets with a Strength equal to half the volume of earth in cubic feet (or three times its volume in cubic meters), inflicting 1 point of damage times the Strength of the wave.

Crumble Stone

Stone may be crushed for 1 Essence Point per 5 pounds (2.5 kilograms) up to 100 pounds (50 kilograms). After that, it costs 1 point per 100 pounds.

Weaken Metal

This effect causes metal to weaken or break for 1 Essence Point per pound up to 50 pounds (25 kilograms), and 1 point per 50 pounds (25 kilograms) after that.

Dust Devil

This effect creates a cloud of swirling dust that blocks vision and blinds people within it. The cloud costs 5 Essence and affects a radius of 1 yard (meter). Each additional yard (meter) of radius costs 1 Essence Point. The swirling dust can be made to appear up to 1 yard (meter) away per level of the caster’s Willpower, plus an additional yard (meter) for each Essence Point spent. After it is created, it can be moved as far away as the caster wants, provided he can see it directly (see Invocations and Range, p. 209). Note that a large dust devil, conjured at minimum range, may affect the Magician!

Stone Attack

This effect causes any stone within 10 yards (meters) of the Witch to fly out and strike a target. Stones must be available (even brick or concrete will do, as long as it is loose, or has been previously broken by using the Crumble Stone Invocation). Damage is D4(2) x Willpower points and the range is equal to 10 yards (meters) per level of the Magician’s Willpower, at the cost of 5 Essence Points. The character can raise the Multiplier or range of the attack by 1 for every additional point spent. Multiple targets can be hit by spending 1 point per additional target.

Earth Tremor

This powerful effect causes the earth to shake in a specific area. Magicians are advised to take care with this power, as it may trigger earthquakes if performed in unstable areas such as near fault lines. The base area affected has a radius of 10 yards (meters) times the Magician’s Willpower. Increasing the area affected costs 1 Essence Point per additional 5-yard (meter) radius.

A slight tremor (enough to be noticed but little else) costs 10 Essence Points. A medium tremor (enough to knock small objects off their shelves, and make people stagger, experiencing a -2 penalty to any Task involving moving or similar activities) costs 20 Essence Points. A strong tremor (which may initiate avalanches on rocky or snowy slopes, knock people down unless they pass a Simple Dexterity Test, cause large objects to topple and fall, etc.) costs 40 Essence. An earthquake that causes structures to collapse (unless specially designed) costs 100 Essence. An Invocation that spends over 100 Essence to perform this effect triggers a real earthquake if any fault line is within 10 miles of the effect.

This effect is very powerful, and very dangerous.

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