Elemental Air

One of the classic elements, Air or Wind is a powerful force. Most Elemental Air effects change wind direction and speed, but the witch can also create air where none existed before.

Creating and maintaining steady winds for long periods of time has been discovered to have severe effects on the weather. Even a relatively small wind, if abused, can trigger storms, tornadoes and worse hundreds of miles away. Most witches are advised to always be careful about the use of wind and weather effects.

Stirring Air

Creating a brief stirring in the air (roughly equivalent to a low-powered electric fan) costs 1 Essence Point per Turn.

Gust of Wind

This effect uses 1 Essence Point for every 5 miles per hour of the wind gust. The wind only affects a small area — about two to three yards in radius — and will only last for a couple of seconds. Very strong winds (over 50 mph/80 kph) knock people over, throw objects around, and inflict D4(2) points of damage on people for every 10 mph of speed over 50 mph. So, a 60-mph wind does D4(2) points of damage; a 100-mph gust inflicts D4 x 5(10) points. The wind can be created within 10 yards (meters) per level of the Invocation; so, a character with Elemental Air of 5 could trigger the wind up to 50 yards (meters) away. The wind gust will only travel some 10 feet (3 meters) per 10 mph (15 km) of base speed (so, a 100 mph wind will rush forward for about 100 feet).

Steady Wind

This creates a continual wind rather than a gust. This costs 2 Essence Points for every 2 mph (3 kph) of speed, plus 1 Essence Point for every round the wind lasts. For example, creating a steady wind with a speed of 10 mph (15 kph) that lasts 15 minutes and affects an area 100 yards (meters) wide would cost 25 Essence Points (10 for the wind speed, 15 for the duration).

Calm Wind

Changing the speed of a natural wind is possible. This has the same cost as the Steady Wind Effect, except that the modifier reduces the wind speed in the area affected. The effect will last a limited amount of time, but it would create an area of relative calmness around the character.

Cleanse and Create Air

With this effect, the witch can transform pure Essence into normal air, and remove any impurities and poisons in a volume of air. He may avoid suffocation even if locked in a small airtight room. It costs 2 Essence Points to create enough air for a person to breathe for a round. The witch can also neutralize the effects of smoke, poison gas and other hazards. By spending 1 Essence Point per Turn, the witch can create a “bubble” of clean air around himself at a higher pressure than the surrounding area. This bubble allows the witch to walk through areas filled with toxic gases without suffering ill effect. Additional targets could also be protected in this way, at the cost of 2 Essence per Turn per person.

Lightning Bolt

The witch can ionize a section of air, and channel a powerful electrical discharge that can shock people, destroy electronics, and start fires.
The lightning bolt inflicts D6(3) points of damage per Essence Point spent. The Armor Value of metal armor is divided by 5 before applying it to these attacks. Furthermore, machines with electronic parts take double damage from the bolt. The base range of the effect is 20 yards (meters) times the Willpower of the caster. This can be extended at the cost of 1 Essence per extra 10 yards (meters). This is a rarely known effect, and jealously guarded by those that do.

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