This skill allows a character to build and repair all manner of electronic devices and tools, and grants the character knowledge about electronic systems and the like. The difficulty of repairing an electronic device depends on how intricate the device is, and how damaged it is. Constructing an electronic item is also more difficult the more advanced and complex the device. Players/Storytellers should apply a penalty depending on these factors. Finally, an electronic tool kit must be available for all but the most rudimentary repairs. A lab or workshop may also be required.

Notes of Use

  • All repair or construction attempts take time, ranging from a couple of hours to days.
  • Understanding an existing electronic device calls for a Perception + Electronics Task
  • Repairing or constructing a device requires an Intelligence + Electronics Task
  • It should be noted that this skill and the Mechanic Skill complement one another, and are often used together.
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