Cost: 1- or 3-point Mental Drawback

Cruel people enjoy making other people suffer. The truly evil derive satisfaction from anybody’s pain. Some people are perfectly normal and nice most of the time, but when angered or given offense, make their enemies pay — and love doing it.

This Drawback has two levels or degrees of intensity. The second level is best restricted to villains, as it indicates a serious mental problem that may make most characters unsuitable for typical RP. As always, the staff have the final say and are very very strict and reluctant to grant this level. Be prepared to change it.

  • Level 1: This character would never hurt a friend or a loved one. Enemies, especially those who have really angered her, are a different matter. She enjoys inflicting pain (mental or physical) on those she feels “deserve what they get.”
    • Cats have this level of cruelty. While they can be friendly and loving, they have the capacity to be nasty to creatures they see as their rightful prey. Characters with this level of cruelty are capable of committing atrocities under the right circumstances, but will not go out of their way to find opportunities. This is a 1-point Drawback.
  • Level 2: This person is a true sadist, and never passes up the chance to inflict pain on others. Even friends and loved ones are not safe from her. When it comes to enemies or those who get in her way, she enjoys nothing so much as their utter destruction or humiliation. When no enemies are available, she uses her “talents” on those around her.
    • Note that a Cruel character need not be into “whips and chains.” Malicious gossip, workplace conspiracies, and petty acts that bring harm and pain to people are just as effective as physical violence. This is a 3-point Drawback; people with this Drawback will rarely keep any friendships, and will quickly gain enemies. Many supernatural predators are Cruel, due to the combination of their habits and their nature.
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