Cost: 1- to 3-point Mental Drawback

A Cowardly character is easily scared and intimidated. Furthermore, she is very reluctant to take any risks; putting her neck on the line always strikes her as incredibly foolhardy. Note that this does not mean that a Cowardly character will not fight if necessary. Such a character usually tries to stack the odds in her favor, however, before resorting to violence. She would have no compunction (except as determined by other Drawbacks) against attacking others if circumstances minimized the danger. A coward can hide her Drawback from others very easily, as long as she is not involved in a situation that is clearly dangerous. Only then may her limitations become apparent.

This Drawback has three levels of intensity, worth 1, 2 and 3 points respectively. The level of the Drawback also acts as a modifier to any Willpower Test or Task to resist fear, intimidation or bullying. For example, a character with a 2-point Cowardly Drawback incurs a -2 penalty to any Fear Test (see p. 130) required by the Chronicler.

  • Level 1: At the first level, the character avoids taking unnecessary risks, but fights when cornered (or when she thinks she has the upper hand). Simple Willpower Tests are necessary to avoid fleeing or surrendering when confronted by what the character considers to be superior foes. The same goes for taking even small chances, like confronting her boss, asking for a raise, complaining about some problem, or the like.
  • Level 2: The second level of this drawback is stronger. The character needs to pass a Simple Willpower Test to fight back even when she thinks the odds are in her favor, and needs to pass a Difficult Willpower Test to avoid fleeing dangerous situations, or taking chances.
  • Level 3: The last level is the worst, requiring difficult Willpower Tests to get involved in confrontations or risky situations even when the character has a good chance of succeeding. Truly dangerous or heroic acts are simply impossible; the character never knowingly or willingly endangers herself, and may actually even betray her friends if she thinks she will save herself in the process.
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