This Invocation creates a Vessel that can be imbued with Essence. The Vessel can be a small article; most Invocations of this type are cast on rings, necklaces, and other articles of jewelry. Vessels must be in contact with the skin of the user to work. The Consecration “attaches” some quantity of Essence to the object, at a high energy cost (only one-third of the Essence used is actually imbued into the object). Additionally, each Vessel created drains Essence Points from the creator and this Essence cannot be recovered until after the Vessel is emptied. The energy drain is caused by the magical link between the Magician and the Vessel he has created.

The benefit of owning one or more Consecrated objects is worth the price, however, because a witch can use some or all the power in the Vessel for any Invocation or defensive Magic. The energy in a Vessel must be Channeled in the same manner that a witch uses his internal Essence Energies.

Once the Essence in the Vessel is gone, a new Consecration is necessary to empower the object once again. Anybody can use the Vessel and its energies, unless the witch wills the Vessel to work only for him, or for whomever he designates. This restriction costs extra energy.

The maximum number of Vessels a character can create is equal to his Consecration Level.

Create Vessel

This effect imbues Essence into the object, at the cost of 3 Essence Points for every Essence Point held by the Vessel. The witch must touch the object being consecrated during the Invocation. Each Consecrated object created also drains 2 Essence Points from the witch; these points cannot be recovered until the Vessel is used up. For example, a character with an Essence Pool of 40 who creates a 10-point Vessel could regain all but 2 points back; his Essence Pool would be reduced to 38 points until the Vessel’s energy was exhausted. If the Vessel was created through Group Magic, everyone in the group is drained of 2 Essence Points until the Vessel is exhausted. Accessing the Essence requires the witch to touch or hold the object close to him; for that reason, the most favored Vessels are pieces of jewelry that can be worn. Vessels should also be durable; if a Vessel is destroyed, its Essence is lost.

Restricted Vessel

Most Consecrated objects can be used by whomever is holding them. By attuning the Vessel to the Essence “signature” of specific people, the witch can ensure that only those he wants to use the Vessel have access to its power. This adds 5 Essence Points to the cost of the Invocation, and all people to be allowed to use the item must be touching the Vessel during its creation.

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