Each mind is usually trapped inside its skull, relying only on its senses to perceive the world around it. The Communion Invocation puts the witch in direct contact with an area and every living thing and spirit within it. Through this Invocation, the witch achieves a powerful connection with the land, and is aware of everything in it, from the plight of the smallest ant to the intentions of the most powerful nature spirit. Such a connection is full of dangers, however. When achieved in a place of evil or negative emotions, the backlash can do significant harm to the witches body and sanity.

Communion Invocations are usually conducted in forests, gardens or other places of Nature, where the majority of the spiritual forces are benevolent and friendly.

One With the Land

Becoming one with the land costs 2 Essence Points per round. The witch enters a trance state in which he is aware of everything occurring in the area centered around him. The area affected by this Invocation has a radius of 10 yards for every level of Willpower of the witch. This can be increased at additional Essence cost; +5 yards to the radius per additional Essence Point spent, per round.

Once Communion is established, the caster can sense the whereabouts and emotions of every living thing in the area, including spirits and supernatural beings. The witch is able to pinpoint the location of anybody entering the area, even those who are Shielded or hidden by illusions. Attempts by the caster to communicate, invoke or awaken any spirits in the area gain a bonus of +5 as long as the Communion is active.

While the Communion is active, the witch can not cast other Invocations.

The main drawback is that the connection works both ways. The witch is exposed to any pain and suffering, anger, or other negative feelings of every living thing in the area. The more intense the negative emotions, the greater the danger of a psychic backlash. When performing the Communion in an area plagued by suffering or anger, the witch must pass a Difficult Willpower Test to avoid being harmed by the experience. Note that the entire area must be permeated with negative emotions to pose a danger. If a group of men with murder in their minds entered an otherwise tranquil forest, for example, the witch would know of the men and their emotions but would not be affected by them. If the witch casts the Communion in the middle of a burning forest, a city slum or a concentration camp, the concentrated misery and agony in such places would sear him.

Penalties to the sanity Willpower Test are determined by the staff or storyteller.

  • Places of some misery and pain (a dirty park, a lightly polluted forest) have no penalty to the Test.
  • A city slum is at -2 (more for really bad areas where everybody is suffering).
  • A burning forest or a concentration camp is at -4 to -6.
  • A serial killer’s torture dungeon would be at -8 or worse!

If the Willpower Test is failed, the Magician loses D4 x 10(20) Essence Points. If brought below 0, he may suffer physical or mental harm (see Essence Point Loss).

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