Negative Essence, colored by bad emotions or evil intent, can “pollute” places, things and people. Areas where violence, abuse and other ugliness occurred often retain the taint of the Essence that was released during those incidents. In some cases, they can make people uncomfortable, especially witches, who can sense the negative energy. Nightmares are often experienced in these places. The Cleansing Invocation is used to remove this negative taint from areas. The process can also be used to help against harmful magic, especially those that linger around the victim.

Remove Emotional Debris

When humans are extremely angry or are suffering other strong emotions, their Essence is inadvertently “spilled” onto objects and areas. These negative emotions can affect the well-being of people, making them short-tempered, prone to nightmares, and even unlucky.

  • Cleansing a room or an object of such negative “vibes” costs 3 Essence.
  • Cleansing an entire house costs 6 Essence.
  • Failure of this invocation causes the negative emotions to become attached to the witch.

Remove Curse

This effect neutralizes a curse or other harmful effect that has been temporarily attached to the target. It works against curses of all types, Metaphysical and supernatural. This effect will not work on those with the Accursed Drawback. Removing harmful Magic costs the same amount of Essence as the harmful power cost in the first place, and is resisted by the Task effect of whoever inflicted the curse.

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