Essence can be used to alter probability, increasing the chances that one specific, beneficial outcome will take place. Blessings alter probability in favor of the subject of the Invocation, making the person luckier and more successful.

The Essence spent on all Blessings must come from the witch himself. Other sources of Essence may not be used for this purpose. Furthermore, the Essence spent is not regained until the Blessing benefits end. For example, a witch who gives himself or someone else a +5 Luck bonus has his own Essence Pool depleted by 15 points until the bonuses are used up.

Good Luck

This effect gives the recipient Luck. A +1 bonus is gained for every 3 Essence Points spent that may be used on any Task or Test. The bonuses may all be applied to one Task/Test, or may be split as desired among many such attempts. Once the Luck bonuses are spent, the effects of the Blessing stop.

Success Blessing

This effect guarantees success in some small matter involving mundane affairs, such as a business deal, school examination or sporting event, provided the recipient had a chance to succeed anyway. This effect costs 5 Essence.

Blessing of Protection

  • The cost of 6 Essence per +1 bonus.

This effect protects the subject from Metaphysical harm. Each 4 Essence Points spent gives the subject a +1 bonus to resist one supernatural attack of any kind. This protection is activated whenever a hostile attack is taken against the recipient of the blessing. The protection is only good against one such attack; after helping defend against one attack, the protection ends. A Blessing of Protection can also be oriented against all forms of supernatural attack (including but not limited to Magic or psychic powers).

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