• Prerequisites: Gateway, Soul Projection

Many legends speak of powerful Magicians that could be in more than one place at the same time. While most were simply the result of clever tricks or lesser magical effects, some of the Gifted can and do possess the power to bilocate — to be in two places at the same time. The basic mechanism of this Invocation involves dimension shifting and (some believe) breaking down the laws of time and space. The Magician apparently splits her soul in two (the Essence Pool of the character is evenly divided among the two bodies) and recreates her body in a new location. The Essence cost for this feat is considerable, however.

This Invocation causes the Magician to duplicate herself, with the “double” appearing in any location within fifty miles of the caster. The Magician can then operate in both places, while being aware of what occurs in either location. Being in two places at once can be very disorienting and confusing, especially if the Magician is asked to do two things at the same time. Most of the time, the Magician concentrates on one of the two bodies, with the counterpart remaining at rest. Normal tasks (walking or listening to two conversations at the same time) require the character to pass a Difficult Intelligence Test at -3. Fighting in two different places (or performing two tasks that require concentration and precision) at the same time is nearly impossible; all actions have a -5 penalty.

For example, Jason has pressing business in two places at the same time. He creates two bodies using Bilocation. One remains at home monitoring a magical experiment. The other scouts out a possible nest of Mad God cultists with several friends. Jason places most of his concentration in the scouting body, as the one at home merely needs to react if something goes wrong. Naturally, as soon as Jason’s group gets into a firefight with some of the cultists, the experiment takes a turn for the worse. At one point, one Jason must cast an Invocation at a threatening cultist while the other Jason works to contain the problem with the experiment. Each action suffers a base -5 penalty, plus a -1 for multiple actions.

Any injuries or fatigue experienced by either form is transmitted to the other. Essence expenditures, on the other hand, are not shared. If one of the two duplicates is killed, the other dies at the exact same time. If the two forms ever touch one another, they recombine into one and the Invocation ends.

Bilocate Effect

This effect costs 20 Essence points and lasts one hour per Success Level in the Focus Task. The Essence Pool of the Magician is evenly divided among the two bodies (rounded up). The new physical body, which appears in any location known to the character within a fifty mile radius, is identical to the original, and wears the exact same clothing and any equipment the character was holding. The second form is essentially the same; it is believed that there is no actual duplication, but that the character is simply existing in two separate points in space at the same time. At the end of the Invocation’s duration, the character once again becomes one, at the location of the body (duplicate or original) closest to where the Invocation was cast. Increasing the range is possible, but costly; 10 Essence points must be spent for each additional 25 miles of range.

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