This is the ability to use make-up, hair dressing, and cosmetics to enhance a person’s appearance. Use Intelligence and Beautician for the Task; each Success Level adds a +1 to a person’s Attractiveness by hiding blemishes and enhancing a person’s good points.

Notes About Use

  • Beautician + Intelligence can be used to help change a person’s appearance. A skilled character can use hair dyes, contacts and make-up to change a person’s appearance greatly.
  • Beautician + Perception allows the character to see how extensively a person is made up, and may be used to identify a disguise (this Task is resisted by the disguiser's own Intelligence + Beautician or Disguise Skills).
  • This skill can be used to replace the Disguise Skill, or can add a +1 bonus to Disguise Tasks for each level of success in the Beautician and Intelligence Task.
  • Modifiers to these Tasks include the materials available (a +2 in a fully stocked beauty salon, -2 or worse with improvised materials), and the subject’s basic Attractiveness level.
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