Cost: Variable Physical Quality or Drawback

This Quality or Drawback determines the character’s looks (or lack thereof). The average person has an Attractiveness of 0, which means the person looks plain and undistinguished unless she takes steps to enhance her appearance (clothing, makeup and poise always make a difference). Positive values in Attractiveness indicate pleasing features, while negative values indicate ugliness, scars, or unpleasant characteristics.

Note that the physical Attributes of a character determine exactly how her Attractiveness is expressed. For example, a character with Strength and Constitution of 3 or 4 will appear extremely athletic, likely tanned from outdoor exercise, with a well-muscled body. A character with a Constitution of 1 and an Attractiveness of +4 is probably a delicate-looking, pale person with doll-like features.

Purchasing Attractiveness costs 1 point per level if bought as a Quality, or adds 1 extra character point if acquired as a Drawback. After character creation, Attractiveness can change only by events that modify the character’s entire appearance, either through scarring, plastic surgery, or powerful magic.

Attractiveness can range from -5 to +5 in humans.

  • A +1 or +2 make the person stand out in a crowd and attract attention unless the character somehow hides her features.
  • At +3 or +4, the character can easily make a living through her looks alone, as a model or entertainer.
  • At +5, the character would be as comely as the top models, beauty pageant contestants and movie stars in the world.

On the other hand…

  • At -1 or -2, the person has homely features, or unsightly blemishes or scars.
  • At -3 or -4, the character’s features are downright repulsive.
  • At -5, people will be taken aback by the character’s appearance; looking at her will be a source of discomfort.
  • Beings with inhuman features can have levels as low as -10.

Notes of Use

  • The character’s Attractiveness value can be added to or subtracted from any Test or Task that involves making an impression on other people.
  • In some cases, negative Attractiveness values can be useful. When trying to intimidate or scare people, positive Attractiveness values have no effect, but negative ones count as bonuses! For example, a character with an Attractiveness of -3 would add +3 to any Task where intimidating people is a factor.
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