Cost: 5 points/level Supernatural Quality
Notes: Requires Special Permission /before/ CharGen as it has very specific elements to it.

Some beings have been alive and active for several life spans; they could be powerful witches, spirits, vampire or other supernatural beings. Ancient characters are very powerful, having refined their powers with centuries of practice. This Quality assumes that the character has powers or natural abilities that have allowed her to survive this long (such as a vampires immortality). Note: This game only supports Humans, Witches, and Psychics.

Each level of Age adds one hundred years to the character’s life span.

Note that the Age Quality refers to periods during which the character was "living", however keep in mind that many supernatural beings, like Vampires often have long periods of “down time:” times when they were in slumber, or otherwise dormant.

Age is not without its drawbacks. Over time, enemies and secrets are accumulated, and these always seem to outlast friendships and renown. For each level of Age, the character must take one level of either Adversary or Secret and gains no additional character points as a result of these Drawbacks.

Note of Use

In game terms, Age gives the character more points to put into the Skills and Metaphysics categories, and (should it be applicable) raises the character’s Essence Pool. Each level of Age gives the character:

  • One point per level to put into Skills
  • One point per level of the character’s highest mental Attribute (Intelligence, Willpower or Perception) to put into Metaphysics
  • One extra point to their Essence Pool (if applicable) per Willpower level.
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