Affect The Psyche

This Invocation uses the emotional nature of Essence to change the feelings of a person. It can be used to impress, charm or scare the target. For an NPC, the staff or storyteller decides whether or not the emotional state of the person being affected changes their behavior in the way the witch intended: a scared would-be attacker might flee, surrender, or attack like a cornered animal, for example. If used against a PC the player will determine this (but must do so in respect to the apped personality).

Influence Emotional State

This effect costs:

  • 1 Essence if the person was leaning towards the intended emotion
  • 2 Essence to inspire a different emotion
  • 5 Essence for an utterly opposite emotion (e.g., anger if the person was happy, fear if the person was calm).

This ability is resisted by a Difficult Willpower Test. Normally, the emotional change is short-lived, lasting 1 round per Success Level in the Focus Task. Used in combination with normal psychological manipulation and seduction, the Invocation may actually change the person’s outlook over time. This will depend on the (mundane) skills of the witch, the target’s personality, and other factors.

Aura of Confidence

  • This effect costs 2 Essence and lasts 2 rounds per Success Level; at the end of that time, the Invocation must be repeated.

This effect creates an impression of power and control around the witch, making others unwilling to oppose him. The caster gains a +2 bonus on most social interaction Tasks, with an additional bonus equal to the Success Levels of the Focus Task. People who have a reason to dislike or hate the witch resist with a Simple Willpower Test.

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