Acute/Impaired Senses
  • Cost: 2-point Physical Quality or Drawback
  • Choices:
    • Acute: Sight, Acute: Hearing, Acute: Touch, Acute: Smell, Acute: Taste
    • Impaired: Sight, Impaired: Hearing, Impaired: Touch, Impaired: Smell, Impaired: Taste

This Quality/Drawback must be purchased separately for each sense: sight, hearing, touch, smell or taste. Normally, the five senses are represented by the Perception Attribute. Acute or Impaired senses indicate one or more senses that are higher or lower than normal for a person with that Perception Attribute. When bought as a Quality, an Acute Sense gives the character a +3 bonus to any Perception-related Test or Task that relies on that sense. If acquired as a Drawback, Impaired Senses give a similar -3 penalty to Perception-based Tests or Tasks.

Some Impaired Senses (hearing and sight in particular) can be easily corrected in the modern age through the use of glasses, hearing aids and similar devices. If the impairment is eliminated by the use of such devices, the staff should reduce the value of the Drawback to 1 character point. It is possible to have more than one type of Acute or Impaired Sense, or, for example, to have Acute Hearing and Impaired Eyesight, or similar combinations of senses. For obvious reasons, a character cannot select both the Impaired and Acute versions of the same sense.

Notes on Use

  • If a player intends to eliminate the impaired sense after approval that player will need to 'buy down' the flaw with XP equal to what they paid for it in CG X 10. (A -2 impairment wold cost 2 X 10 = 20xp)
  • On the flip side if a character becomes impaired during RP they will gain the cost of the impaired sense X 5.
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