Primary Attributes

Attributes are inborn characteristics of a character: her physical strength, intelligence, senses and so on. By selecting a set of Attributes, players define the limits of what the character can do. For example, if a player “buys” a very low Dexterity for her character, she should not be surprised if the character routinely fails to do anything that requires grace and manual coordination. As Attributes are bought, the player can start getting a sense of what the character is like. Is she strong but dumb, quick but weak, sharp and perceptive but weak-willed?

Two kinds of Attributes are used: Primary Attributes and Secondary Attributes. The basic difference is that Primary Attributes are purchased using Attribute and other character points. Secondary Attributes are calculated based on the values of a character’s Primary Attributes.

Attribute List

Secondary Attributes

Once the six Primary Attributes are determined, some quick calculations are used to figure out the Secondary Attributes. Secondary Attributes are not bought; they are determined by plugging the Primary Attributes into the formulas given below.

With the exception of Speed, which basically determines how fast a character can run at an all-out dash, the other Secondary Attributes determine a pool of points. Certain factors (injury, fatigue, or the use of magic) temporarily increase or decrease the amount of points in each pool. For example, the Life Points Pool determines a character’s current health. If an injury is sustained, the health (the Life Points Pool) of the character is lowered; healing the damage will eventually raise the pool back to its original level. The more severe the damage, the more points are removed from the Life Points Pool.

The Secondary Attributes are Life Points, Endurance Points, Speed and the Essence Pool.

Attribute List

Buying Attributes

During character creation, characters get an allotted number of points to distribute in their Primary Attributes. The exact number of points are determined by the Character Type chosen.

Attributes can be "bought" at up to a level 5 on a one-to-one basis (i.e., a Strength of 3 would cost 3 points, a Strength of 4 would cost a total of 4 points, and so on). Attributes after level 5 are much more expensive: 3 points per additional level. Humans cannot purchase an attribute past level 6, the absolute maximum (buying an attribute up to level 6 would cost 8 points).

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