All witches have an elemental affinity that allows them a natural talent with manipulating a specific element. This is called an affinity and their abilities with that specific element are stronger than any other element. This does not grant mastery of an element. A witch cannot shoot fireballs from their hands or summon the water from the blood of an enemy, but they can cause an already present fire to intensify or cause the water around them to push them forward.

Below are a few more misconceptions about affinities.

  • Witches do not draw their energy/magic from the elements. Witches simply have a natural ability to do magic. If the element were needed, then there would be no magic indoors for some witches, and no magic without a match for others. Witches can do magic because they simply can. There's no scientific study for the supernatural, as the supernatural cannot be explained. If some needed to guess where magic came from, the best guess would be the universe.
    • Essence gets mentioned but in reality this is just a state used to represent magic. The game uses the Witchcraft system, but we do not include elements from the game itself in the Dark Things theme. There is no impending Reckoning or anything of that type.
  • Witches of like affinities are not naturally drawn together. In fact, it is the opposite. Witches of different affinities are more powerful together, as it widens the strength of the magic in the group. Remember that a proper circle has Earth, Air, Fire Water and Energy to represent the soul and the four towers (corners of the earth). It is for this reason that a proper and strong circle has someone of each element. A circle of witches who all have water affinity would not be a proper or strong circle.
  • A witches affinity does not dictate their personality or mundane skills. A witches mundane skills are based on a witches hobbies, interests and lifestyle. A witch who has a fire affinity can have an award winning green thumb, and a witch with a energy affinity can be a record breaking swimmer. In the series and books this is made very clear. Nick was a witch with a Fire affinity and was the character who was the most skilled with herbs and plants, whereas Faye was the hot headed character and possessed an affinity to energy. Of course a witch with the Earth affinity can love plants, but try and make this because they love plants, not because they have an affinity for earth magic, water magic or fire magic.


Earth Affinity

Also known as Geokinesis, this is the ability to manipulate the earth in its various forms, such as rock, sediment, nature and plant-life.

Current Count: 2

Air Affinity

Also known as Aerokinesis, this is the ability to manipulate and produce air and affect the flow and velocity of air and wind.

Current Count: 3

Fire Affinity

Also known as Pyrokinesis, this is the ability to create, absorb and manipulate fire and heat.

Current Count: 5

Water Affinity

Also known as Hydrokinesis, this is the ability to manipulate water in various ways.

Current Count: 3

Energy Affinity

Also known as Electrokinesis, this is the ability to create and manipulate electrical currents.

Current Count: 1

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